Charlotte Pool cleaners

Charlotte Pool Cleaners

Clean swimming pool with ladderBased in Charlotte, North Carolina, we provide a range of different pool cleaning and repair services to meet all your pool maintenance needs.

If you own a pool, you know that it takes a

lot of effort and attention to keep your pool in great condition all year
round, and while it’s possible to maintain a pool yourself, it can be a
complicated and time-consuming task. Why not call in a helping hand from Charlotte Pool Cleaners, so that you can enjoy your pool fully, with none of the stress?

 Here’s a little more about what we at
Charlotte Pool Cleaners can do for you.

Pool Cleaning

Ensuring a pool gets a full clean takes a
lot more than simply fishing out stray leaves and bugs with a net, and could
result in bacteria growing in the water, bottom and sides of the pool if it
isn’t done properly.

A full pool clean includes clearing any
debris – no matter how small – that may have been caught in the pool, brushing and cleaning the bottom and sides of the pool, clearing the pool’s filter cartridges and chemically treating the water to stop the growth of any bacteria that could cause infection to anyone using your pool. All these tasks take no shortage of time, effort and equipment, as well as knowing how to get everything done to a high standard – wouldn’t doing all of this yourself take a little fun out of owning a pool in the first place?

 At Charlotte Pool Cleaners, we know exactly

what it takes to get your pool perfectly clean and use top of the range Polaris pool cleaning equipment, so your pool won’t just look great, but will be safe and sterile, too.

Pool Repairs

 Damaged or missing tiles? Broken pump or filter? Automatic pool cover not moving like it should? There’s a lot of problems you may encounter with your pool, and attempting to fix them yourself could make the problem much worse – and much more expensive to repair as a result. A pool that you’re proud to own deserves the care and attention of a proper repair job, and that’s where we come in!

 If you have an issue with your pool, don’t take a trip to your nearest hardware store and hope that Google can tell you exactly what you need to do. At Charlotte Pool Cleaners, we have all the skills and experience we need to get your pool looking and working as good as new, so that you can enjoy your pool with peace of mind.


    Pool Maintenance

     You probably already know just how much regular maintenance is needed to keep your pool looking and working great all year round, but did you know that proper care and maintenance can extend the lifespan of your pool overall?

     To keep your pool at its very best, pool maintenance should be carried out as often as once a week, with regular checks on the skimmer baskets, water levels, chemical balance, filters and water pressure to make sure that everything is working as it should. Can you do these tasks yourself? Theoretically, yes, but why would you want to? If you work a full time job, then maintaining your pool properly each week could take out a huge part of your free time – free time that could be spent relaxing and enjoying your pool in the sun. If you decide to carry out pool maintenance a little less to stop it taking up so much of this time, then you risk your pool becoming dirty, damaged or simply not lasting quite as long.

     If you’re looking for a Charlotte pool company to take on the general maintenance of your pool, Charlotte Pool Cleaners could provide exactly what you need. We’ll take care of all your regular pool maintenance tasks for you, so that you can enjoy your pool without having to worry about when it was last given some all-important TLC.

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    man cleaning a spo
    cleaning leaves from pool
    Man usng polaris to clean pool

    Allow Queen City Pool Cleaners to ensure you have all of your needs met. We also use Polaris equipment to perform maintenance. Imagine never have to clean the leaves out of your pool again! We can setup a custom polaris robot to clean your pool while you sit back and relax. We also can perform monthly or quarterly maintenance on your saltwater swimming pool. Use the form to contact us for an instant quote! 

    A pool cleaning robot is a very small vacuum that is designed to collect sediment and debris from swimming pools without human intervention. It is among several different types of pool vacuums on the market. It works by using sensors and actuators to catch debris and other items that are floating in the water. This robot is typically used as a backup for the pool’s main pump when it is not in use. It can be used to clear away leaves, twigs, branches, and other debris as well.