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Benefits of Hiring a Pool Cleaning Company

people having fun in a pool In a perfect world, you would have all the free time and energy to try and keep up the maintenance of your pool yourself. This is possible, after all – but it comes with a lot of downsides.

First, pool maintenance is incredibly time-consuming. Clearing the pool of debris, brushing and vacuuming the bottom of the pool, clearing the filters, balancing the chemicals – for someone without a lot of experience in pool cleaning, it could take upwards of two and a half hours to clean your pool to a high standard. That’s a whole lot of your free time each weekend!

Secondly, pool cleaning companies have the best equipment for the job, such as high-spec Polaris pool cleaners, and are able to treat the water with the most safe and effective chemicals for the job.
  Those who attempt to maintain their pools themselves might find themselves using cheaper chemicals or scrubbing the bottom of the pool for hours with a deck brush, potentially damaging the tiles. Pools add a lot of value to a property and a lot of value to your free time once you have chance to enjoy it, so why not use the best tools to maintain it?

Finally, in the case of Charlotte Pool Cleaners, we also offer pool repairs. If you happen to find a problem with your pool that requires quick repair, you needn’t look any further than us – a much better option than wasting time looking for recommendations and hiring a company that you have never met.

    From maintenance on your Polaris equipment and products, to understanding the vast, complicated, and dangerous chemicals involved with keeping your pool maintained. Let us handle it for you with our turn key service.

    man cleaning a spo
    cleaning leaves from pool
    Man usng polaris to clean pool

    Allow Queen City Pool Cleaners to ensure you have all of your needs met. We also use Polaris equipment to perform maintenance. Imagine never have to clean the leaves out of your pool again! We can setup a custom polaris robot to clean your pool while you sit back and relax. We also can perform monthly or quarterly maintenance on your saltwater swimming pool. Use the form to contact us for an instant quote!