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What are the Benefits of Having a Saltwater Pool?

child swimming in salt water Here at Charlotte Pool Cleaners, we understand how the chemicals involved in running a pool within the grounds of your home may leave some people feeling a little dubious.

After all, if certain chemicals are strong enough to kill bacteria that would otherwise turn the water bright green, then surely they are strong enough to irritate your skin, especially the sensitive skin of young children.

One of the ways to get around this is to ditch the chemicals in favour of having a saltwater pool. Of course, you may hear ‘saltwater pool’ and assume that this refers to using water directly from the sea (which, of course, can’t be the best idea!), but it actually refers to the use of traditional table salt rather than chemicals in keeping your pool as clean as possible.

To convert your pool into a saltwater pool, you need a salt chlorine generator. This converts the table salt into a more natural form of chlorine, which can be incredibly beneficial. There is likely to be an initial cost involved in the conversion of your pool to a saltwater pool, but once you have that taken care of, you may notice a few positive differences.

We’ve already talked about how saltwater pools are gentler on your skin, which will be good news to parents whose children swim in the pool of their family home quite often, but there are a number of other added benefits.

First, it gets rid of the overpowering chlorine smell that many pool owners will be all too familiar with! While some enjoy this particular odour, many find it goes as far as causing headaches after continued exposure, so may benefit from the installation of a salt chlorine generator to combat this.

There is also a financial benefit to converting your pool into a saltwater pool. After the initial installation cost of your salt chlorine generator, you’ll actually begin saving money, as saltwater pools use simple table salt. As you can imagine, salt is much
cheaper than chlorine.

If you have any questions about the benefits of saltwater pools or any advice running your salt chlorine generator, be sure to get in touch with Charlotte Pool Cleaners for more information.

    Having a saltwater pool allows you to utilize less chemicals in your pool as well as maintaining and regulating the storage of extra concentrates to keep the pool clean. The salt in the saltwater helps maintain itself! It also has proven benefits for your health and skin care. Make the leap today!

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    cleaning leaves from pool
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    Allow Queen City Pool Cleaners to ensure you have all of your needs met. We also use Polaris equipment to perform maintenance. Imagine never have to clean the leaves out of your pool again! We can setup a custom polaris robot to clean your pool while you sit back and relax. We also can perform monthly or quarterly maintenance on your saltwater swimming pool. Use the form to contact us for an instant quote!